Key business trends shaping the future of our world

Notwithstanding that artificial intelligence is becoming prevalent at automating technical aspects of work, like coding, research, data management, diagnosing disease, translating languages, providing customer service etc, it is becoming increasingly apparent that organizations are paying more and more attention to soft, human skills, such as leadership, strategic thinking and decision-making, creativity, visioning, goal-setting, good communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving, work ethic, team cohesiveness. 

Furthermore, there are dramatic changes in hiring practices focused on finding, attracting, selecting and retaining talents with proven record of accomplishment, which is based on competitive knowledge valuing excellence over mediocrity. Humans will increasingly share their work with intelligent robots and smart technologies, that will have huge implications for the skills and talent companies require in the future. This will mean re-skilling and up-skilling huge sways of people in businesses as well as recruiting new people having the skills needed for the future.

With the increased adoption of technology and changing attitudes towards work-life balance, remote work and digital collaboration is becoming increasingly common. Remote learning is also key to driving growth and adaptability, because of cost-effectiveness, reduced overhead and lower rates. Environmental friendliness is a valuable business asset as well, as research continues to show that consumers increasingly prefer companies with a solid commitment to reducing their environmental footprint.

The industry’s response to rapidly changing business environment is expected to continue and be a significant challenge in upcoming AI-driven economy.

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